boy with quilt running in grass

My husband and I loved our unplanned trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co. yesterday. We were in Kansas City for another event and I saw that we were 59 minutes away! My husband said yes since he goes to sleep with a video of Jenny playing every night! in fact, when I saw Jenny unexpectedly at Blue Sage—very good eats by the way—and started waving to her like a silly schoolgirl, he didn’t know who she was until she spoke! The folks at all the shops were so nice. I was at home automatically, since I have had a long distance internet relationship with them for years. However, I was blessed to see how friendly they were to my husband. He is in sales and he loves to talk to people. They kept telling him about Man’s Land, which is very nice, but he chose to come along to all the shops and talk with the folks. He enjoyed every minute as much as I did. However, in the modern shop, when I got serious about choosing some fabrics for purchase, he did fall asleep on the wonderful gray couch there. I should have got a picture, he looked so cute. I was so proud of him for being involved and enjoying it. He’s blessed this old quilter with lots of support over the years. So Missouri Star Quilt Co. took care of me and they took care of the man who is the wind beneath my wings. Thank you Missouri Star Quilt Co.!

Lora Cornelius

Indeed, I have been there. My Sister-in-law drove me up when the Golden Ticket event was going on. I won a Layer Cake and got to meet Jenny in person. It was a trip I’ll never forget. So much fun! I hope to visit again one of these days.

Shelley Daley

I am from Montana and my sister took me there to see your shops. We had so much fun and got so inspired by the gorgeous fabrics and ideas of what to do with them. Came away with some fun projects. Staff was the friendliest bunch. We really felt welcomed everywhere we went. Will put this on my must do list every time I come in for a visit!

Sandra Johnson

I traveled from Panama City, Florida this past weekend specifically to go to Missouri Star Quilt and it was well worth the trip!!! Not only are the stores fantastic, I loved the town, the people and I even got to meet Jenny!! Can’t wait to go back!

Pam Barss Turnage

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