Man’s Land is a cozy hangout is for everyone who needs a break from shopping. Sit back and relax in a comfy, deep, leather armchair, watch a show on one of two big screen TVs, play pool, or read a magazine when you stop by! Man’s Land had been around for a long time before Missouri Star Quilt Co. existed. It was an old fashioned men’s clothing store that was once in Hamilton. That’s where the inspiration for this fun hangout came from. This little haven will give you the opportunity to stay a little longer and feel rested and refreshed! It’s the perfect place to come sit when you need a pit stop. We wanted to create a space to welcome everyone who comes to visit.

Sewing is for Everyone!

Man’s Land is more than just a cozy place to come hang out. It also has a space dedicated to another great MSQC YouTube channel called Man Sewing! Come check out Rob Appell’s tutorials HERE and get inspired to make something truly unique. He’s got plenty of energy and expertise to share with you!

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