Batik fabrics are full of personality with their unique patterns and handcrafted appeal. Their rich colors mirror the beautiful places they come from. At Batik Boutique you can almost picture yourself strolling along a sandy shore dotted with palm trees as the sun sets, sending shimmers across the water. Shopping for fabric just became a tropical getaway! Feel yourself transported to exotic locales with these captivating prints in an array of vibrant colors. Relax and shop from the comfort of your hammock, there’s no rush. When you’re in Batik Boutique, you’re on island time.

Immerse yourself in the age old tradition of batik fabric. Each yard of fabric is still hand-dyed, stamped with intricate wax designs, and cured in the island sunshine. The process is repeated many times to give the colors deeper hues and varied patterns. Batik fabrics have been handcrafted in the same way for hundreds of years. Shop our selection today and create something truly one of a kind.

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